Travel Workshop Description
Each teaching situation is different due to circumstances.
The information on this page is applicable to most workshops that would require air travel.
Details for workshops taught at my studio or within driving distance are indicated.

Most workshops are held during the weekend
and begin at 10:00 am.

Student Minimum:
I request a 10-person minimum.
Air Travel Workshop:
Each student is required to bring:
1 - metal cutter (Wiss is a brand I recommend, they are a compound action snips, that cuts left, straight and right -- pointed nose and yellow handle)
1 – 7 inch linesman pliers
1 – pair cloth garden gloves with thin Nitrile palm (Atlas gloves are my recommendation)
Dust mask or scarf and safety glasses

Mosaic workshop: Bring enough tiling materials to cover approximate one and a half square feet.
Start thinking about something to make that will fit in your suitcase, check, the planters under Galleries, on my website, or Student Work in Progress.
NOTE: Save tool receipts in case you bought the wrong tools.
My studio or Driving Distance Workshop:
All tools and materials are provided.

Facility & Material Needs:
Access to water
2-foot by 4-foot table space for each student
2 Cement Mixing Troughs
(big dish pans or wheel barrows will work, too)
2 Garden hoes
Materials: (for air travel workshops only)
Organizers need to help me locate materials at local stores when I am not within driving distance. I am responsible for the expenses involved with purchasing the materials.
Cancellation Fee:
There is a cancellation fee of $50, if canceled within 2 weeks of the start of the workshop. For air travel, there is a cancellation fee of $50, if canceled within one month of the start of the workshop.
Contact for further details:
Phone: (715) 273-5959